Air Traffic Management is an industry of paradoxes using an impressive array of technology yet still relying on human behaviours and decisions.

It is also a fantastic arena for cooperation, with different stakeholders all working together towards increased safety and efficiency of operations.

Egis is highly regarded in the air traffic management sector, with a 30-year track record of supporting air navigation service providers (ANSPs), institutions and industry around the world. We work on the most complex projects and exciting developments impacting ATM like remote technologies, virtual centres, ATM Data Service Providers (ADSPs), Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and drone integration, Future Flight and alternative Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT).

Hit by the most severe crisis in its history, the focus in ATM has switched from coping with capacity limitations to seeking scalability and resilience and being better prepared for the future. Our consulting and engineering teams have stood alongside the industry throughout this turbulent period, helping customers deal with the present crisis and navigate the challenges ahead.

A complex new sky and space scape

Even before COVID-19, ANSPs and other ATM stakeholders were thinking of new ways of working, with potential changes to governance, business models and funding.

Today, many are accelerating the pace of innovation and digitalisation through new partnerships and collaboration and by adopting emerging technology or techniques like AI, big data and augmented reality.

The skies will look different, both on screen and off, with new entrants sharing the same airspace with legacy providers. The future will become even more complex than it is today – and it will need to be sustainable. ANSPs are embedding environmental performance in their objectives, based on improved flight efficiency, shorter and free routes, and continuous operations. They will also need to ensure the safe introduction of new types of aircraft (biofuel, hydrogen) into airspace and airports.

Take space for example. Over the last 20 years, space assets have transformed aspects of ATM and we’ve been there every step of the way, maximising benefits for end users and pioneering new applications. From new concepts such as EGNOS aviation services evolution to cost-benefit modelling for aviation stakeholders, and our award-winning work to extend the benefits of precision approaches to airports and improved navigation and surveillance to General Aviation, our experts lead the field. As the space sector evolves to include new space launch and Low Earth Orbit constellations, aviation will face yet more new challenges. Our clients trust us to help them, calling on our knowledge of industry standards and regulation, our deep understanding of their needs and constraints, and our skilled and talented people to deliver.

Services include

  • R&D & feasibility studies
  • Decision making & strategy
  • Policy & regulatory advisory
  • Operational changes affecting airspace
  • Requirements capture & system definition
  • Procurement support
  • System implementation
  • Change management
  • Operational & safety performance

We were supported with the delivery of safety assessments and with the elaboration of our strategy plan for the next two years. In both cases, their professionalism, their experience and their flexibility was highly appreciated, not only by our staff, but also by our customers.

Thierry Fuhrer, SA, Skyguide