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Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Airports


In amongst the multi-billion euro funds allocated to advancing the Single European Sky, €290 million was made available through INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency) in 2017, as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The majority (80%) of the funds are allocated to SESAR deployment as part of the ‘Pilot Common Project’ with the remaining 20% going to other projects which can be shown to make a significant contribution to Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance.

The focus of INEA developed over time, but priority was given to cross-border projects involving several stakeholders and addressing systems improvement, civil-military cooperation and fragmentation. A multi-stakeholder application adds a layer of complexity, and alongside the requirement for a ‘cost effectiveness’ assessment it became clear that resource-constrained organisations would struggle to gather the necessary documentation and prepare a compelling case in the given timescales.

Role of Egis

We set up a dedicated team to support customers with their applications, drawing on our cost-benefit expertise and our extensive experience in managing technically challenging multi-stakeholder projects.

Since 2015 our experts have supported ANSPs and an international airport with more than 10 INEA applications including:

  • Developing applications for funding for three different ANSPs for projects submitted through the SESAR Deployment Manager in the 2015 INEA call. For one of them this included an embedded on-site presence, both tailoring existing projects, and maturing new projects to ensure the aims and objectives were aligned with the goals of SESAR and the funding process. More generally, our role was to ensure compliance with INEA requirements and, where applicable, those of the SESAR Deployment Manager’s in order to optimise the chance of the implementation projects being retained through the evaluation of the proposals. The focus of our work was on prioritisation, compliance, evidence gathering and evaluation, and coordination;
  • We supported another ANSP on a cybersecurity and SWIM project for the INEA 2016 call. This involved drafting the early forms based on an emerging understanding/direction of the proposed project. Though this application was not pursued further, further support was requested to design a roadmap and support an application for funding within the INEA 2017 call where this topic was expected to be high priority. Egis therefore managed the application process for funding within the 2017 INEA Call;
  • We helped an international Airport with its successful INEA application for new Air Traffic Control (ATC) technology funding. In particular, we developed the technical part of the application, including the identification of how the airport’s plans will contribute to European developments, and specifically to SESAR deployment. Since then we have continued to support them with the management of reporting processes associated annual status reports describing progress made, identified risks, incurred delays and systems and services procured.


Since 2015 the applications we helped with had an extremely high success rate.

One of the most recent applications, for FABCE Project Support Office involved submitting two twinned proposals containing a mixture of EU-Member States, Cohesion States and neighbouring countries of the EU. At any given time, the team was in communication with more than 70 stakeholders spanning 13 unique ANSPs across Central and Eastern Europe, providing round the clock support. The total requested CEF funding was approximately €1.37 million with €1.12 million being awarded. In addition, all project partners who applied for cohesion funding were awarded the entire amount (85% co-funding).

Equally important, once applications are approved and funds are forthcoming, strict reporting requirements are placed on the beneficiaries. Our support has helped customers to comply with those requirements, ensuring that future funds are more readily accessed.

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