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DSNA, the French air navigation service provider.
Skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider.


The Coflight Cloud Services (CCS) program aims to provide Flight Data Processing from distant locations to Air Traffic Units. It is one of the first ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) initiatives in Europe and involves the collaboration of three ANSPs: Skyguide, DSNA and ENAV.

Egis has accompanied them on their journey to bring CCS into being, providing a portfolio of technical and programme support since the feasibility studies beginning in 2014, right through to today.

That journey has included:

  • A two-year feasibility study which defined the CCS concept in more detail, covering: architecture (including network scope), evolution needs, business model, operational concept and environment (eg. maintenance and service reliability), and legal environment (security, safety, institutional, IPR framework, liability, listing and analysing states’ requirements). First elements for the definition of a possible ADSP were studied and agreed, in a context where none had come before. This phase was successfully concluded by trials, which led the pioneer ANSPs to start defining development activities.
  • The implementation of the first CCS service between 2017 and 2020. This was launched with an agile methodology, aiming to develop services that will be SWIM compliant and based on the pre-standardized data interfaces defined in the SESAR2020 PJ16-03 project.
  • A first service contract, signed in June 2020 by Skyguide as a customer and DSNA and ENAV as providers of a CCS Test Integration Service provided from Paris ACC to Geneva ACC.
  • In early 2021, the development of the second step was launched: implementing technical enhancements to the CCS Technical Integration Service, with a doubling of its operating volume, and then implementing the Initial Validation Service for Skyguide.

Role of Egis

For this major project Egis ran two dedicated teams, supporting DSNA and Skyguide respectively with the development of CCS and also the integration of CCS in their future strategic needs.

Since 2015, Egis has contributed to the following activities:

During the feasibility study (2015-2016)
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: the description of the Operational Environment for when CCS will be commissioned (list of services to be provided, responsibilities between customer and provider…), the definition and formalisation of associated Service Level Agreement, and how to be SWIM-compliant at that stage;
  • For DSNA: the definition of the functional and architecture study;
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: the organisation of trials based on Swiss traffic, defining the trials scenarios and providing all the support needed to make them happen.
In the implementation phases (2017 – ongoing)
  • For DSNA: the definition and management/prioritisation of the content of each implementation phases, functionally and also in terms of support services between provider and customer;
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: the definition of the agile way of working and the deliverables to be produced in this project;
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: the definition of Skyguide and DSNA requirements relating to CCS (functional and non-functional requirements, Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Agreement…);
  • For DSNA: the definition of the common specifications and associated to be implemented on both sides;
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: support to validation activities, from defining validation scenarios and traffic samples to be used, to redaction of validation reports for internal validation or validation with partners;
  • For DSNA and Skyguide: project management support;
  • For Skyguide: assistance with internal studies such as the integration of CCS functionalities in Skyguide’s ATM system or more precise definition of specific Skyguide operational needs;
  • For DSNA: assistance with internal studies and associated internal communications to people who will be impacted by this CCS project (e.g. supporting the French ACC on technical supervision aspects, internal architecture studies…).


Since 2014, this ambitious project supported by Egis has reached its goals at every level. First, with the positive conclusion of the feasibility study and the official “GO” for the development phase in 2017. Then, with the official signing of the service provision contract for CCS Technical Integration of Coflight Cloud Services on 1st July 2020 between Skyguide, DSNA and ENAV.

Egis teams have supported this international project on a wide range of topics – operational, technical, validation and management, working with an agile methodology with teams located in Paris, Toulouse, Rome and Geneva.

We continue to support our customers in the realisation, further development and dissemination of this project, laying the foundations for future European ADSPs.

We have two unique and complementary perspectives: firstly, the customer view, seeing and validating the benefits of ADSP; secondly, that of the ADSP provider, succeeding in building an interesting ADSP offer as one of the first movers in Europe.

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Carole Dupré

Project Manager

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