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As part of the SESAR Total Airport Management (TAM) Solution (also known as Project PJ04), we were commissioned alongside Luciad (part of Hexagon group) to examine the feasibility of adding a new Environmental Performance Indicator Dashboard to the existing series of dashboards in the Airport Operations Centre (APOC).

It is anticipated that the inclusion of environmental indicators into the APOC would offer benefits across the planning, execution and post-operations phases of airport activities. In particular:

Planning phase (performance steering):
The definition of targets covering specific environmental performance attributes.

Execution phase:
The accurate monitoring of environmental performance “on the day” and reported within the overall airport performance dashboard.
The provision of alerts on the degree of conformance to the environmental targets identified during the planning phase, potentially allowing mitigations to be actioned.

Post-Operations phase:
An increased focus on environmental performance and how it could be improved in the future.

Role of Egis

Our role was wide-ranging, spanning initial research and assessment of regulations, standards and metrics as well as developing a functional dashboard prototype for market testing. The team began by reviewing regulations, standards, scientific papers and other relevant documents to build an understanding of the current portfolio of metrics that could be used to monitor airport environmental impact. They also conducted an industry-wide survey to understand what environmental metrics are currently in use at airports worldwide and how the information collected can help make better tactical operational decisions with a smaller environmental footprint. This led to the development of a functional “dashboard prototype” which was demonstrated to wider industry to collect relevant feedback on potential further development.


Our review of 21 various documents resulted in a list of 75 airport environmental metrics that could be used (with varying degrees of suitability) to measure airport environmental footprint.

An industry-wide survey collected responses from 51 airport operators (mostly in Europe), identifying how they engaged with local communities and how they used noise, fuel burn and emissions metrics. The survey also ascertained what environmental data airports would find useful for management decision-making and reporting.

Following the stakeholder survey, our partner, Luciad, developed three fully interactive dashboards using one month of anonymised data from real operations. These dashboards then were presented to interested airports through a series of online webinars – the feedback collected during these events was recorded, to be considered by EUROCONTROL for further development of these prototypes.

Figures below show examples of the three dashboard prototypes developed:

Operational data dashboard
Noise contours dashboard
Emissions dashboard

For further information on this project please contact Peter Straka.

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