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Egis is an international group that provides consultancy, engineering, project management and operation services in the fields of transport, buildings, water, the environment, energy, urban development and mobility.

We work in small integrated and multi-skilled teams established on a project basis, under the guidance of our senior staff. We work in partnership with our clients and industry colleagues, either at our offices or client premises. Our work often has a real and immediate impact– something which we find very rewarding.

As a market leader in aviation, we recruit brilliant people who enjoy a challenge, are highly numerate and have good communication skills.

Read more about the way we work below, or visit the Egis careers page. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Life at Egis

At Egis, you will be working in a professional, friendly and supportive environment where your contribution is actively valued and recognised.

We have a formal appraisal review process and actively encourage regular ‘career and skills development’ review meetings between our employees and their People Managers.

At these regular catch-ups, you are invited to reflect on your skills and aspirations, and internal mobility around the group is actively encouraged.

Diversity and inclusion

Underpinned by our promise to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, we are committed to supporting and valuing differences, as reflected in our multinational, multi-ethnic workforce. We strongly believe that a diverse range of thoughts and ideas will provide innovation in our work. First and foremost, our commitment is to recruit and retain the right people for the right roles and provide all of our employees with equal opportunities for learning and development.

Work life balance

We work hard but we understand the benefits that a healthy work-life balance brings to our staff and our clients. Therefore, we offer a flexible working environment whether in the office, from home or on the move. We provide the technology to do so, as well as a People Management framework that ensures that however and wherever you work, whether on client site, at home or in the office, you are fully supported and understand clearly what is expected of you.

Committed to a greener future

Sustainability is at the heart of the group’s values and strategy.  Our strategy and roadmap at Egis predominantly focus on:

  • embedding the climate emergency and the objective of carbon neutrality in everything that we do;
  • achieving net zero emissions through practices that affect our buildings, travel, resources, waste management and data.

When delivering projects for our customers, we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to build resilient infrastructure, providing sustainable transport systems, and integrating climate change measures into strategies and planning.

We actively encourage staff to take a role in generating ideas and solutions to meet our sustainability objectives.

Ethics and compliance

Egis is a group built on core values of ethics, transparency, quality, respect and integrity. These values are the foundation of our reputation and represent our ethical capital. Staff are therefore advocates and leaders, responsible for upholding these values every day.  

We have a specific Ethics code that everyone is encouraged to read and that our staff are required to respect in their daily work.

Why choose a career at Egis

In line with our core values to be a responsible, creative and people-first company, we know that attracting, developing and retaining the right people, in the right roles and at the right time is an essential prerequisite to creating a thriving work environment.

To achieve this, we provide opportunity and flexibility for staff to develop careers within aviation and across the other sectors of the wider group. If you have a growth mindset and want to influence the shape of your future learning and career, Egis can provide you with a host of opportunities.

Working for us you will have the chance to travel or be based overseas on a variety of projects, working with and being mentored by industry experts in your domain or profession.

Recent Recruits

ATM system engineer

Vandita Banka

After working as a subcontractor for a few years, I joined the Egis Group in May 2020 as an ATM Systems Engineer.

Highly passionate about aviation, I explored several continents (Asia, North America, Europe) and countries (India, USA, France) for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Avionics. I currently work on the French-Italian advanced Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) Coflight for French Air Navigation Services Provider DSNA. My responsibilities here are to define the operational needs, follow ups and validation of the existing and new needs in Coflight. Along with this, I represent DSNA in EUROCAE WG-59 to define a European Standard on Interoperability, working on Single European Sky ATM Research projects and International Civil Aviation Organization standard FIXM. Apart from these, I am tasked to do the validation activities for Skyguide for their project Coflight Cloud Services (CCS). The different activities offered to me give me the opportunity to travel, meet people from different backgrounds, cultures and nations, work on diverse projects and be part of an amazing team.

Egis offers everything an individual looks for – career growth, stressless work environment, wonderful colleagues, national and international projects, multicultural teams, exposure to clients, soft skills and personality development. Egis can meet all the criteria in your checklist!!

Airport O&M project manager

Gauthier de Malet

I joined Egis in June 2020 as a Senior Project Manager in the Airport O&M team.

I work on airport operation and business development; in particular supporting the airports of the network, managing the working groups (operations and commercial) and preparing bids under development.

After graduating from ICAM (School of Engineering), and following a Master’s degree at ENAC in Airport Management, I had the opportunity to work in airport O&M, including four years at Mayotte airport. This experience gave me a solid knowledge of airport concession management and a global view of airport operations.

The international dimension of the Egis airport network and development ambitions, as well as opportunities to grow professionally through different types of jobs led me to apply at Egis.

Senior consultant

Andreia Simoes

I joined Egis as a Senior Consultant in September 2017 with a wide range of professional experiences in the bag and in September 2020 I moved to France to our Toulouse office.

My background is in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Energy, and an MSc in Transport from IST in Lisbon, Portugal. During the first 20 years of my career I moved from scientific research to transport and business consultancy in Portugal and Angola.

After this, I went into management at Viracopos International Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 2013 until 2017. This was a milestone in my professional career, I fell in love with the aviation sector and I became an ACI/ICAO International Airport Professional (IAP).

Moving to the UK and joining Egis was the beginning of a new adventure. I have been involved with some high-profile clients, such as the UK Space Agency, the European Commission and air navigation service providers in Europe and Africa. The projects have been very interesting, ranging from spaceports to the implementation of aviation regulation in Europe and development of air traffic management master plans. Just as important, I have had the opportunity to work with very talented people.

Egis provides what every professional seeks, challenging opportunities in which you can progress, impactful projects worldwide covering several aviation areas, a supportive team, work recognition and the opportunity to work across the globe, as is my case. Personally, I would say that Egis gives me the opportunity to keep flying higher.

ATM system engineer

Mathieu Aubignat

I joined Egis in May 2020 after just over two years of working for the group as a subcontractor.

I studied software engineering and then specialised in systems engineering in Toulouse at the National Center for Arts and Crafts (CNAM). My initial professional experience in systems engineering led me to work in the aeronautics and automobile sector on requirements engineering or static and dynamic modelling of subsystems.

During my first two years of working for Egis, I discovered air traffic management (ATM) alongside a dynamic and caring team and have worked on various projects for the French civil aviation sector.

I particularly appreciate the professionalism of my co-workers, who efficiently support customers in the production, definition and use of system engineering tools for challenging projects like 4-Flight and SYSAT.

As a lover of new technology, I also enjoy working on the development of new applications like passenger flow management at airports based on machine-learning.

Within Egis, I am happy to be involved in opportunities to imagine new digital services for aviation that will have to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Egis has many strengths, with varied activities which bring personal enrichment, new challenges to advance your career and great opportunities for its development.

Safety & airport consultant

Sophie Praden

I joined Egis in June 2020 as a Safety Management System & Airport certification Specialist. Even though the timing was challenging (in the midst of a worldwide pandemic!) the welcome I received was highly supportive, helpful and friendly. I knew from the beginning that I would feel at ease working in Egis.

I work in the airport master planning and consultancy team in Toulouse. I am currently working on Airport strategic development projects as well as consultancy activity management for the European Aviation Safety Agency.

I started my career working as an airport handling agent, learning as much as I could on the “battlefield”. I instantly fell in love with the Airport environment. I decided to get back to school to enhance my knowledge and eventually graduated from ENAC with a Master’s Degree in Air Transport Operation Management.  I then spent more than five years as Lyon Airport Safety Manager working on both safety and compliance. I then headed south to Marseille where I spent two years as Marseille Airport Consultancy Manager. When I joined Egis, I had spent two years working as a consultant and project manager for airports and civil aviation authorities around the globe (Philippines, EASA, Monaco, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, …)

Throughout the past ten years I had always been in touch with the Egis team, knowing that sooner or later I would be part of this company. Why is Egis so different from others? After almost eight months spent here, I can definitely say it’s the human dimension of the work we do here.


Jakub Cunat

I joined Egis as a Cybersecurity Consultant in October 2020 and since then, have had the opportunity to get involved in different types of projects such as providing secretariat support to EUROCAE WG-72/SG-02 working group, performing security risk assessments for Gatwick and Edinburgh Airports, and assisting with the development of security standards and procedures for Network Rail.

Prior to joining Egis, I worked in various cybersecurity and technology roles at JPMorgan Chase in the United States. I mainly focused on review and assessment of vendors information technology solutions, technology design review, control testing, risk and issue identification, and guidance on security control implementation to protect and maintain information systems, applications, and networks.

As someone with a deep passion for aviation and cybersecurity, my current role is truly a dream come true. Given that I have only been with Egis for a few months and have already worked on some very interesting projects, I am excited to see what the future holds for me. I look forward to continuing to help our clients enhance their ability to protect against cyber threats.