We are a creative, responsible and ‘people first’ company.

In our daily work, we deliver effective solutions that combat climate change, protect biodiversity and improve transport networks, buildings and quality of life for communities around the world.

We have embedded corporate social responsibility and sustainability at the heart of our values and in the projects that we deliver for our customers – incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in our approach.

In aviation, our Performance Management System (PMS) includes quality and environmental management, along with ethics and compliance management. All our operating companies are ISO-9001 certified and some of them are ISO 14001:2015 certified for environment.

Core values

We observe three fundamental values in who we are and what we do that are shared and supported by all Egis employees in the world.

A responsible company

In every country we operate in and any project we work on, we adopt a stringent policy of corporate social responsibility.

This means our employees know the importance of customer relationships and deliver work that achieves or exceeds customer expectations, keeping in mind the objective to reduce our impact on the planet, improve access to infrastructure and support socio-economic development.

We have a dual approach to sustainability embedding the objective of carbon neutrality in the projects we deliver and in our working policies and environment, monitoring our travel, use of resources, waste management and data.

Sustainability has been a key driver of our work at Egis since the early 2010s when our Group signed the United Nations Global Compact. We took further steps in 2012 and issued our Sustainable development charter. In 2017 Egis joined the Shift Project and in 2019 we signed up to the Engineering charter for the climate with Syntec Ingénierie, the professional federation for consulting and engineering companies in France.

As you would expect, we also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to build resilient infrastructure, provide sustainable transport systems, and integrate climate change measures into strategies and planning.

A people-first company

We treat our employees with respect and dignity and value diversity of age, gender, and cultures. We value our people and take account of every employee’s aspirations, recognise their contributions, reward their performance, and develop their skills. Mobility within the group is actively encouraged to support professional development and retain the best talent.

Find out more about our people-first values from Group Chief HR officer Sabine Bonnard.

A creative company

Our innovation ecosystem combines ideas and initiatives from our various operating companies, who work closely with their customers to meet market needs. Innovation is integral to our growth strategy and targeted at addressing society’s major challenges.

We foster a spirit of innovation in all our areas of technical expertise, working methods, services and business models. The company values problem-solving, intellectual and professional mobility and encourages the dissemination of knowledge and experience across teams.

Ethics and integrity

Over and above respect for law and regulations in force in countries where Egis operates, the Group has defined standards of behaviour applicable to all. Abiding by these set of values in our business activities is a constant theme in our work.

Egis’ ethics policy is built around the following key documents:

Our Ethics and Compliance department is responsible for the proper application of Egis’s ethics process and internal dissemination across all staff. In addition to preparing policy and documentation, it organises training and communication activities together with due diligence audits on third parties, manages the Group’s whistleblowing system, and oversees the effective implementation of the Ethics policy.

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