Egis Director Alan Corner has been elected to the board of the British Aviation Group, a leading representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations.

Alan joined Egis in 2013, building a thriving aviation business in the Middle East. Now responsible for global strategy, innovation and commercial development across Egis’ aviation consultancy, engineering and airport operations, he brings international experience, strong networks and a broad sustainability mindset to the BAG boardroom.

Commenting on the appointment, he said: “Despite the fallout from the pandemic, there is an enormous opportunity for the aviation sector in the UK and globally. I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of bringing together major players to create compelling solutions to very real challenges, whether technical, logistical or operational. And we will need new entrants or all sizes, who are unconstrained by history and grey hair to accelerate innovation across aviation! I’m very much looking forward to supporting British industry to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Growth and Strategy Director – Aviation, Alan Corner

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