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Working closely with our customers in challenging times, we share their commitment to implementing smarter and greener solutions that support aviation and preserve our planet.

Sustainability will be a key enabler for recovery in the post COVID-19 era and it will need to form part of strategy, organisation and operations. We are here to provide independent forward thinking and expertise on a greener way ahead.

Many aviation stakeholders are already experiencing the impact of climate change and finding that it affects their organisation or operations in some way. By planning and preparing adaptations, aviation will become more resilient in the event of contingency and uncertainty. It will also preserve business continuity and growth in the longer term.

A story centred around airports

As the hubs of the aviation world, airports are where we collaboratively design and implement solutions that span all our services and sectors, including Air Traffic Management (ATM) and air navigation. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, viewing aviation as a component of wider urban planning and development objectives.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals shown on this figure are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity whilst protecting the planet.
Goal 9: building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation
Goal 11: making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Goal 13: is about taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Our consultants and engineers can advise on carbon neutrality on the ground with sustainable master plans that reflect an airport’s needs in the long term. Egis has implemented eco design of infrastructure at projects like Amaala airport and also on Airport Carbon Accreditation. Building on Egis’s wider capabilities, we can also provide solutions integrated with smart multimodal transport networks and expertise on waste, water and energy management.

…that extends to air traffic management

Actions to improve flight efficiency and save emissions (eg. airspace redesign) can have a negative effect on other environmental measures eg. noise. This nuanced understanding of the ATM picture is vital and is one of the reasons why customers choose Egis. As well as advising on noise monitoring and management for airside and terminal operations at and around airports, we support air navigation service providers and aircraft manufacturers on innovative aircraft operations in the air and on the ground (e.g. formation flight, optimised taxiing), shorter routes and flight paths (e.g. using GNSS-based procedures or horizontal flight efficiency), departure and arrival management and monitoring of environmental performance in ATM.

Sustainability is in our DNA and values

Because our activities lead us to design and build the environment we all live in and the infrastructure that millions of people use in their everyday lives, we have embedded corporate social responsibility and sustainability at the heart of our values and in the projects that we deliver for our customers.

Read more on our Values page

From policy through to engineering and operations, aviation stakeholders can rely on Egis to provide advisory services and technical support that will help them achieve efficiency gains and emission reductions, whether at airports or in airspace. Our end-to-end vision brings unparalleled expertise and insights to help customers improve efficiency and decarbonisation across the entire air transport ecosystem.

Services include

  • Sustainability future-proofing
  • Airport sustainability roadmaps
  • Air quality & noise
  • Landside & airside operational improvements
  • Circular economy solutions
  • Data-driven optimisation
  • Eco-design & infrastructure
  • Smart transport integration

Contact us

Gary Lloyd

Principal Consultant

+44 1252 451 651

Our work

LFV have in the past years used the team of experts extensively for their overall ATM knowledge in several different areas of operations in which they provided unbiased inputs on the subject crucial to our study.

Anders Erzell, Luftfartsverket (LFV)