Egis is a world-class airport infrastructure operator with a network of 17 airports across the world. Since our first concession in 1988 we have worked with clients and partners to improve the operational, financial and environmental performance of airports, and the experience of millions of passengers.

Airports operated by Egis can expect a long-term strategic partner who is committed to developing its business and infrastructure to meet the expectations of the passengers and communities it serves. From airside to landside, we help airports improve their management and operational performance with sustainable development firmly at the centre of our approach.

Unlike many other airport operators, we are internationally recognised consultants and engineers who deliver projects for some of the busiest and most progressive airports and air navigation service providers in the world. This global knowledge and comprehensive expertise benefits the airports in our network.

Our long-term and collaborative approach to airport management is demonstrated by the strength of our network. Our airports are a family of strategic partners, who share innovations and best-practice to the benefit of all members. Recent examples include using a digital twin to improve passenger flow at Tahiti airport, or helping Abidjan International airport become the first carbon neutral airport in Africa. Our network is a testbed for innovation, with digital transition and the climate emergency at the centre of all our research and development activity.

Egis considers airports as essential to the economic, social and touristic development of countries.  That is why we form true partnerships inside and outside the airport environment – from staff inside the airport, to governments, banks and local charities. We bring skills in finance and project structuring, and invest in equity in our airport concessions.

Bringing value to the entire lifecycle

Just as our consultancy and engineering expertise adds value to the management of our own airports, our operational know how equally benefits our projects with airport clients. Our first-hand experience of operating airports means we have unique understanding of the challenges facing airport leaders. Our multi-disciplinary strengths enable us to provide insight at all stages of your project lifecycle – from strategy to operation – informing your decision-making. Our deep understanding of airports is complemented by expertise from across Egis, from urban planning, infrastructure and buildings, through to transport solutions from road, rail and urban mobility and the development of energy solutions. This enables us to provide our airport network and our clients with even more comprehensive, integrated and innovative solutions.

Services include

  • Airport management & operation
  • Management of safety, security, compliance, environment, health & safety aspects
  • Aviation route development
  • Non-aviation commercial development
  • Revenue optimisation & financial management
  • Project structuring & finance
  • Master planning
  • Infrastructure development
  • Real estate development
  • Seconded executives & HR management

Contact us

Frédéric Mor

Director, Airport Operation & Maintenance

+33 (0)1 39 41 40 00

Our work

Thanks a lot for a job well done ... It's been a pleasure working with you guys, and your deliveries have been an important contribution to the successful implementation of the Southern Norway Airspace Project.

Per Arnt Auen, Avinor