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From delivery drones to air taxis, future air mobility is on the near horizon, and it has huge implications for everyone in aviation.

Egis experts are working at the forefront of planning for and managing this change that will introduce new mobility services to the general public – addressing air traffic management, safety management and regulatory developments for aviation clients, and broader land use and urban planning aspects for cities and governments around the world.

Drones are already being used for everything from surveying to asset management and deliveries. The next evolution is for electric passenger aircraft that can take off, hover, and land vertically (eVTOL). This is Urban Air Mobility (UAM), which spans short inter- and intra-city passenger transport and also final stage (last kilometre) package/cargo deliveries. It offers the promise of faster, low (or zero) emission journeys, smarter use of urban infrastructure and reduced congestion – but brings with it many challenges that Egis teams are ideally placed to help resolve.

From the UK’s Future Flight initiative to Toulouse’s Project Vilagil we are pooling our expertise with colleagues from around Egis (cities, mobility, energy, environment) and beyond to explore what is possible, desirable and actionable, using existing tools and developing new approaches, like digital twins, to help customers and partners with their decision-making.

Read more about our experience and insights, or contact us to discuss the challenges you are tackling and how we can help.

Delivering on digital

The advent of future mobility rests on computing power, big data and digital advances. Our experts are using digital twins to explore the operational impacts of innovations before they ‘go live’, simulating the operating environment as well as the actors within it. This is just one approach we employ to help clients visualise the future and make sense of an array of complex data.


  • Airspace design
  • Market analysis & feasibility studies
  • Strategy & technology roadmaps
  • Digital twin
  • Operational concepts
  • Procurement support
  • Safety management
  • Vertiport masterplanning

Contact us

Hervé Drévillon

Complex System Expert

+33 (0)5 62 24 56 00

Our work

I value their knowledge of the latest developments in ATM R&D and GA impacts in particular. They produced quality deliverables on time and to budget, and bring impartiality and appreciation for the multiple air traffic issues impacting the GA community.

Martin Robinson, IAOPA