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Whether you are an airport owner looking to have more insight and control over your operations, a regulator seeking a way forward on oversight, or an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) considering becoming an Air Traffic Management Data Service Provider (ADSP), Egis’ experts have the know-how to meet your needs.

Pioneering ANSPs come to us for wide-ranging support on assessing and implementing remote towers  and we have dedicated teams working on the development of Coflight Cloud Services. These are just some of the air traffic management digital innovations in an Egis skillset that marries regulatory, tech and systems expertise. 

Digital twins

Aviation businesses generate vast amounts of data but often struggle to turn this wealth of information into insight and action. Those organisations that not only have access to data, but also the tools and techniques to harness its value, will enjoy competitive advantage and greater resilience in the future. That’s why we’ve begun using digital twins in our own airport network to forecast time slots when passenger demand and airport capacity are unbalanced. Our system integrates passenger behaviour predictions using machine learning and ‘what if’ features to assess options and provide decision support. With digital twins, we have the capacity to optimise almost in real time the management of requirements and interfaces, the acceptability of your projects, quality management, control and prevention of risk, control of costs and deadlines, and environmental impact – all this while adapting to each individual project. Digital twins have promising applications across the aviation sector within airport, ATM and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) environments and we’re exploring them all.


With data comes opportunity but also responsibility. It’s important to understand data dependencies at the system and network level to maintain effective operations, assess the potential impacts if those systems are compromised or unavailable, and identify any future steps that industry and regulators could take. We have advised governments, regulators and industry groups on exactly this – mapping complex systems, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities across the entire supply chain and helping them stay ahead of emerging threats.

Egis cyber specialists are recognised international experts and trusted advisors. They have
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications alongside hands on experience of introducing modern cybersecurity standards into operational environments – including ISO 27001 certification of operational air traffic control systems, and are part of international efforts to develop standards and tools to manage supply chain security threats. Call or email us today to discuss your digital or cyber challenge – we’re standing by.

Services include

  • Data value & digital strategy
  • Digital resilience, & contingency
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Standards & service definition
  • Digital services supply chain resilience
  • Cybersecurity & integrated risk management
  • Big data & AI applications
  • BIM & digital twin

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System Expert

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All the employees that participated on the project were excellent. Understood needs of the project and delivered consistently excellent results.

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