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With an end-to-end approach and projects delivered around the world, Egis works in the most complex airport or airspace environments and develops solutions that help imagine and build the future of aviation.

Sustainability and scalability are priorities for aviation, and are key to long term resilience. These were fundamental considerations in our work on the Amaala Airport project near the Red Sea. We also work to support infrastructure,  making sure it can meet today and tomorrow’s performance challenges; that’s why we have a 20-year track record of working on system engineering projects with the French Air Navigation Service Provider DSNA.

Airport design & engineering

From eco-design and planning to on-time delivery, we use our consultancy skills to fuel the creative process, aligning smart vision with customer needs and also leaning on the expertise of our colleagues from 10Design, an international architecture practice with offices across Asia and Europe.

Our hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of airport operation and management gives us a unique insider’s view on what cost-effective and sustainable design and engineering should be. We’ve been implementing it for over 20 years, for example building airside and terminal infrastructure at Abidjan Airport in Côte d’Ivoire  or with runway refurbishment at Toulouse Airport.

Employing the latest techniques such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other digital innovations, we plan and implement infrastructure evolutions and performance improvements. As a group, Egis delivers award-winning technical infrastructure projects such as nuclear plants, autonomous metros, and complex buildings like hospitals, stadiums, and of course airports. Our multidisciplinary and multi-sector expertise means we are ideally placed to design and develop fully-integrated transport networks embedded in smart cities and urban mobility systems.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) engineering

Egis has a remarkable track record in ATM engineering, working with many different ANSPs across the globe to help them successfully anticipate and adapt to industry change.

With award-winning and industry-leading experts, our team has deep operational and technical knowledge of ATM and Communication Navigation & Surveillance (CNS) systems, air navigation procedures, airspace design and performance based-navigation. We work on many multi-year framework contracts and long-term projects in which we design, develop, procure, test and implement new ATM/CNS concepts, systems and infrastructure, across the project lifecycle. In all of them, we apply our unique set of capabilities in safety and Human Factors engineering.

Customer focused, agile and experienced, you can trust Egis to deliver solutions that support both green and digital operations such as airspace optimisation, flight efficiency, remote services and new data service models, and the integration of drones into our skies.

Services include

  • Airspace design
  • Airport design
  • System design & implementation
  • Design of operating procedures
  • Safety risk assessment
  • Human Factors

Contact us

Julien Pratx

Director, Design & Project Management

+33 (0)5 62 24 56 00

Our work

All the employees that participated on the project were excellent. Understood needs of the project and delivered consistently excellent results.

SRG, UK Civil Aviation Authority